Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shopping Sherlock Mobile App

It is finished! Shopping Sherlock Mobile App appeared today September 17, 2014 and is already available in stores for mobile Google Play on the operating system Android, as well as in iTunes for Apple devices.

Shopping Sherlock Mobile App
Shopping Sherlock Mobile App
The application is completely free and allows anyone to significantly save both time and money when buying anything online. A short video about Shopping Sherlock Mobile App as you can always see and learn more about the application. 

At the moment, it is the official beta version of the mobile application of Shopping Sherlock. But they can already be shared with friends through social networks or through SMS. 


Shopping Sherlock Android App have spent in are available on Google Play Store, you can search applications, having dialed in "Sherlock Shopping Mobile" or visiting our this link.

IOS (iPhone) 
The site iTunes Sherlock Shopping mobile app for IOS [iPhone] is also present and can be downloaded for free and enjoy

Once you have installed and tested performance Shopping Sherlock Mobile App, write your review on the site It is very important that you write any of your review, so your feedback is very important! It is also possible to specify any bug in the application to quickly fix it

This is a monumental time now to Shopping Sherlock!

p.s. If you have any questions about the search for an invite Shopping Sherlock, then read on this article or get an invitation code for the application Shopping Sherlock here
Shopping Sherlock Invite Code 44315