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About Shopping Sherlock

I'd say this guy's I'm honored actually to be here this the first time we've done anything with shopping sure off on the international. Global scale so you don't knowing that you guys are having your lead. Yeah meeting artists. Yes banner ad. I'm not a great time for many when when Simon and Michael so they can you be with our people site.

About Shopping Sherlock
About Shopping Sherlock

Absolutely this will be awesome so have you guys they don't. It is that it is great that is great alright only give you guys a little bit of my background I've been in the network marketing arena not just in the U. S. that internationally up for about 35 years both as a rap in the field earning a top level position and to calm things running companies. And a few years ago we started consulting and and Michael and I became really good friends before I ever tapped into working with him here at Shopping Sherlock as a consultant I we just we met one day at the distributor rights association and just hit office brands. And I don't I don't write about him because you guys literally do have a leader that has never forgotten where he came from of all its success everything he's had. He still has such a grounds foundation of making sure every decision we make some house going to benefit you guys in the field that benefits the whole shopping Charlotte family and. Yeah I'd say I've seen a lot of good bad and ugly in this industry were leaders and company owners didn't share the way Michael does he's made decisions that. Really gonna put more money in his pocket except the one but money your guys pocket so you guys always get. If.

He is he is great al talk for a minute and and I I would give this back when you got when we're done but I want to say something because I have watched. For a good 34 years now. Just the whole shopping ecommerce mobile cash bar everything you guys do I wouldn't when Michael first started showing to me I didn't get you know I I literally kept looking at it seemed and I don't know if this is going to work. I don't know if he's gonna make it I don't know if it's any of this out or what company would be would make it with network marketing and the more that I thought my diligence the more I look at the industry as a whole. And realize that you guys have been on the cutting edge. I am what I think is a trend that will Linda dominating worldwide I think it's already bigger in Europe than it is. U. S.. But econ nurse is here to stay and if you guys just continued to grow and build your business with this company. Little by little interesting I know sometimes there's hick ups there's headaches nothing's perfect.

But the underlying business model you guys have. I believe if you work hard enough there's no reason why you guys can literally retired a few years of my same towns possibly some idea as multimillionaires because this truly is the way to the kitchen well. You know there's there's. If you guys are in the business you guys know there's probably 456 companies that you might come across all the time. That have some type of its shopping platform some type of E. commerce. You know and sometimes. The corn looks shinier somewhere else. I don't want you guys to give some thought to something permanent no matter what business it is no matter what relationship is on the way out of the relationship struggles to. We can always look and say boy I bet it would be easier over there I bet they got their act together over there at that everything's perfect over there. I want you know it's not that way any business you know there's there's days when you guys probably watch people walk across state and it was that was me I don't know what I'm doing wrong how can I do something better if you'll just stick with Simon and stick with the other leaders bettering shopping Chirac don't try to reinvent the wheel.

Just constantly watch what they're doing from from their emotions when they're going to highs and lows from the terminologies that they're using how they interact with people and I guarantee it won't happen overnight but little by little you'll start to look over your shoulder and realize that you've grown as a person as you grow as a leader in this business in your teams will start to grow and in some cases probably explode in ways you never dreamed up if you just want reinvent the wheel you'll just keep your head down and focus on what the leaders are saying you're going to make this in a big way.

Well. I tell you this is this is great for me so I want to ask you is there anything in particular that you might want to ask her or that's been questions from you guys is a bit today. I know it's just really well background way you've come for all. And where you'll go. No that's perfect that's not a problem at all I don't you know guys I would if I take it all the way back and I don't want to bore you to death up but I started in the industry when I was 5 years old carrying my mom's type work back I'm literally grew up in the direct selling industry learning the good the bad the ugly because. My mom was a lady who I watched grow very very high in Tupperware wants to go very high in Mary Kay. But I watched her success changer is an individual. And and she became this person that got white she deserved more admit that she deserves a big company to listen to her more and each time she would self sabotage your own success now love up on the deck and she tell you this for some.

That she had to learn to be a different person she laughed network marketing in her forties and became a very successful sales rep for a cosmetic problem but being an outsider workbook except what she learned and applied it there while I took what I learned from her and applied it to my own career my first company was Primerica financial services it's basically a north American company about it is the world's largest financial service company in direct sunlight was there 15 years I did not say and jump from company to company I built and built and I felt and I wish I can tell you mac but in 6 months on the multi millionaire up but it didn't happen that way it took me almost 10 years. Just about a full time income it took another 5 years to go up the ranks where I really felt like a you know what we have started to succeed at something. But the company was sold and when the top rap in that company centroid I'm going to launch a new company would you go with me. I went with them to that company was there 5 years earned the top 10 percent income we had a great run. But in 2 I decided you know. Sometimes you get this passion your purpose. That you want to be something bigger and that's what happens I mean we had moved to an island here in the United States and. And I knew I wanted to serve bigger I wanted to do more for more people than I had the opportunity to go into a company and corporate law.

That literally we were able to take and and revolutionize that company here in the United States and across the pond actually because it became the world's largest lead generation support and training company to network marketing. And literally we had a blast some of the biggest leaders internationally you see they came through our system during that time. And after 5 years I went out on my own and started really helping companies helping people I changed their lives we also started focusing on and you guys have probably gone through this and you may have even seen some reports we've done we started looking at Hey what companies are what individuals are a distraction for network or. What is it that that people are doing that is off limits yet but that might put you as the wraps and harm's way because here you guys are busted that you're trying to build something big and it. I couldn't stop them try.

People don't accept the beholder which is why I wanted you got what I know about Michael personally because it's so important that companies that are here that you guys decide to go to work with are rock solid and today that's kind of what we do we consult with companies we do a lot of speaking for companies and then I will go to backs for the reps in the field of we see a company that is making decisions that look like it's more for the personal gain of the shareholders than it is to help make a balanced approach for you guys in the field to keep your income in your dreams alive.

Then we'll go to the airwaves we will talk about it we will come from I'll get my attorneys involved if we think of something illegal going on because at the end of the day no matter what company owner might. You guys determine the success of the company more than anybody else does they might cause the company to fight but if you don't have the belief that you don't have a rock solid trusts that you guys are going to go away that companies don't fail but if you believe with all your heart what you're capable of doing and what that company stands for the sky's the limit on what you can do and that's what we did the state we are happy to help you.

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Looking for Invite Code for Sherlock Shopping

They Marcus heresy again. Going to download the app one is young ladies follow the how do you get into your phone. Right. Your. That. I. I. Top one there. Well. That is. Stop. So. We. So. Yeah. About. Yeah I see the phones are love songs.

Looking for Invite Code for Sherlock Shopping
Looking for Invite Code for Sherlock Shopping

That's alright play. This amp you might be able to find a better woman you know for. All really is saying. I don't know. Wow. 30. Alright. Yeah next item of files. The. I'll download. The. Thank you to places. Let us in on the last presentation. Starting the. Awards program west of where we have to. Way you don't need. And our program. At. Vice. If it's the same every time vice. That's neat you know. Right. Alright now looks like it's still going. You see that is installed.

Looking for Invite Code for Sherlock Shopping - 44315

So. So. Here we go. Now open. Sure. Yeah I. So yeah. Yeah. And. When. But. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's 18. A. Right. Mark. The. Yeah it's a. The. For every person like I'm giving it to this young lady here and everybody should give it to. Sure a fifth so he stops me from a user yeah every time you give it to somebody or a 50 cent Amazon money. Yeah and you can use it on Amazon. Alright. She just register just log in the. User name on. I don't know how. Well. And no spaces either. This 11 word. If you quit the 44315 to go. No. There you go. And now we need to select a hope that a little. That. Now. Thank you United States. Now you have that. Yeah. Nearly. Right. Yeah. To. Right. Yeah. Rhonda. Because you don't want. We. I. Like. Yeah. It's. No. Thank you. Thank you. It was great article dogs you know use mammoth us Christmas coming up as a break up said merry Christmas all day. Alright thanks a lot guys. Alright thank you once again this is Marcus and swam off what how that me give me give me a Holla at or marketers on our. That's a good thing to have a good weekend.